No Auction this week.


Report not received.


No Auction held this week.




Orthodox met good demand. Selected best Nilgiris were around last and at times dearer on well-made Whole Leaf; remainder were lower. Medium Whole leaf and primary Brokens were firm to dearer while poorer secondaries were lower with withdrawals; medium Fannings appreciated. CTC met fair demand. All varieties were lower with fair withdrawals. The DUST sale met good demand. Best category and popular marks sold in line with quality around last and at times dearer; selected good mediums and mediums were irregularly lower with remainder easier and saw some withdrawals; plainer sorts were firm.




There was good demand. Best category opened at levels higher than last year while good liquoring teas met competition from western India and sold at higher levels compared to last year. Mediums and plainer descriptions met good enquiry and sold slightly higher than last year; old season teas sold well in line with quality. In the Dust sale there was good demand. New season good and best category dust sold at levels higher than last year; PD met lesser enquiry and were lower while medium and plainer Dust sold at levels better than last year.



Good demand. Good and best Dooars were irregular around last.


There was good demand that opened on a hesitant note but closed at firm to dearer rates for the 6,520 packages on offer. BP1 were generally firm where sold with some lines taken out under bids. PF1 opened on a hesitant note but ended firm to 3-5USC dearer following quality. The few available PF were firm to 15USC dearer while PD met improved demand at firm to dearer rates. D1 were lower and eased further by up to 12USC towards the close. PF1SC met selective interest and were firm to 2USC easier where sold. Secondary teas met good competition and were firm on last with cleaner leaf invoices going up by up to 5USC on last.


There was good demand at irregular levels. Java Orthodox BOPF/PF/DUST/BT appreciated by 4-9cts when sold while secondary grades were firm to 2cts dearer. Java CTC BP1 remain unsold while PF1/PD/D1/FNGS/D2 advanced by 2-4cts above previous rates. Sumatra BOP/BOPF/BT declined by 3-4cts below last levels while PF/DUST/PFII gained by 4-8cts above last sale with balance secondary grades were firm to 2cts dearer.